My name is Andrey Denisenko. 

I'm passionate about helping people who stutter get free from stuttering. 

We can't change the genes, we can't change the way we're wired, but we can drastically change the way we feel about speaking interaction.

We can be truly present and enjoy it.  

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” - Steve Jobs

I was teaching English during the day. I was studying law in the evening. I was pretty confident with kids having a clear outline. I couldn't say a sentence without a stutter in my oral answers in college. 

Fastforward, 15 years later, I got married, had two daughters, made a nice career of a corporate lawyer. On the outside, I had pretty much everything. On the inside, I was still holding back big time. 

I love exploring the inner journey of personal confidence and satisfaction. Whether you feel present and enjoy this moment or you want to run, escape and hide. 

Stuttering is much much more that just a speech disorder. It's holding back. It's avoiding. It's hiding. It's constant pressure and tension. 

That's the area of personal transformation that I love. That's where I truly belong. 

That's why I started Free From Stutter Program where I help people who stutter get free from stuttering.  

Do I stutter or Did I stutter?

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” - Nelson Mandela

I vividly remember this feeling. That’s it’s impossible for me to pass the oral exams, to go for a date, to go for a job interview, to deliver a presentation, to lead a meeting…

It’s just impossible.

A mix of shame, fear, hiding, escaping, avoidance, and holding back.

And severity here doesn’t matter. I’ve worked with all kinds of people now, their stuttering ranging from very severe to very mild. But I clearly see that we all feel the same.

So, when you first feel that “possible,” even though it’s still just the beginning of the journey, it’s the seed that can grow and change your whole life.

It’s this transformation that is worth fighting for. That’s why I’m so passionate to share it with you. So I’ve put together a free Improve Training where you can learn and see how it can be applicable to your life and your future.

See you there!



We can drastically change the way we feel about speaking. We can be open, active and positive about speaking interaction and ourselves.


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