Accomplish: Interview with David Alpuche

I can't because I stutter. That's what we hear often times playing in our head. What can we do with that? 

Our guest today is David Alpuche, National Stuttering Association chapter co-leader, and we'll talk about how we can approach stuttering in a way that lets us live fully and accomplish things. 

The VIDEO - Accomplish: Interview with David Alpuche

Accomplish: Interview with David Alpuche 

Show Highlights 

In this episode, David and I discuss:

  • How meeting different people at National Stuttering Association and conferences made David believe he can accomplish anything
  • How David became Dallas chapter co-leader
  • Choosing a path of a photographer, connection with stuttering
  • Turning points on David's stuttering journey
  • How people who stutter can benefit from gathering together
  • Speech therapy and chapters' work - how they complement each other
  • What people experience coming to the chapter for the first time
  • David's experience with Toastmasters
  • How to deal with fear and avoidance thoughts
  • How to pursue your dreams and accomplish things with stuttering
  • How to get out of the secure bubble we're sitting in, how to get outside our comfort zone

Quotes and Takeaways

"I was always into some kind of visual creation, and I think it was because it allowed me to communicate ideas and communicate with other people without having to speak." - David Alpuche

"When I was like twelve, thirteen there was a speech contest one time and I remember thinking I really wanted to give it a try, but I was like oh, I can't because I stutter." - David Alpuche

"The first times I was just sweating. Every sentence was a struggle. But at the end of every speech, I felt happy and successful." - David Alpuche

"Once I actually started having some confidence and some speaking successes, that's when I actually started just trying all the things I always wanted to try." - David Alpuche

"That's essentially something that you have to challenge on your own. I think that's something you have to prove yourself that you can." - David Alpuche

"I realized that yes, you can stutter, but you can still accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish." - David Alpuche

"I think that for the most part, you are who you tell yourself you are." - David Alpuche

"Once you realize that stuttering is not something that you have to suffer on your own you really start to take chances." - David Alpuche


David Alpuche website

National Stuttering Association

Dallas NSA chapter website

Dallas Adult Chapter Facebook page


What have you learned from this interview? Share your thoughts in the comments.  

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