Fear of Stuttering - LIVE

On Saturdays and Sundays, we'll go live with the guys from the Improve Program to talk with you about some hot stutter-related topics. The guys also practice their new speaking skill using their hand stuttering technique for confident and relaxing speaking.

This time, we decided to talk about stuttering fear because for many people who stutter that fear of stuttering represents or even equals stuttering itself.

So, what is fear of stuttering? And what can we do about it? 

The VIDEO: Fear of Stuttering

Free From Stutter Live - Fear of Stuttering


So, even though the guys didn't have stuttering fear before the live stream and in the course of the live stream they do have fear of stuttering from time to time depending on the speaking environment. 

And that led us to the first two items of what we can do to eliminate or reduce stuttering fear.

1. Use the hand technique 

The first thing that helped the guys to eliminate fear in the live stream was the fact that they were using the hand technique.

The idea of the hand technique is that you relax on the first sound of the phrase and on the stresses using your hand. This way you build the confidence that you can say anything in a relaxing way.  

2. Be open about your improvement efforts 

The second thing was the fact that the viewers knew about the guys' improvement efforts and about the fact they were using the hand technique. 

And that's a really huge thing.  

I see over and over again that the same person can go from the total mess to the total confidence depending on its readiness to use the hand technique in this setting. And this readiness largely depends on its perception of whether it's "OK" to do it here or not.  

Well, we can't always hold a big notice in front of everyone in every speaking setting, "You know guys, now we'll be using our hand technique!"

Yeah, there are tricks how to help ourselves to reveal our improvement efforts, but as a general rule that "OK" in our real life settings should go from within. And that's a big topic for another discussion. 

3. Do it again

Before we get good at anything we need to be bad. The first time we usually have fear doing just anything. 

So, the big thing is to start. Do it for the first time. The second time goes easier, the fifth time it feels just normal. 

4. Creating positive speaking experiences 

In other words, we want to be active. When we create a speaking situation even if we don't do so well in terms of fluency we dismantle the stuttering fear and the stuttering state by simply being active. If you face fear it goes away. 

And if you follow the first 3 pieces of advice (you're using your hand technique, you're open about using it and you do it again and again) you will create positive speaking experiences.

That, in turn, goes into your muscle and emotional memory building a new speaking pattern and a new feeling which you have each time you face the speaking situation or think about facing a speaking situation. 

And that feeling is free from stuttering fear. That's where we want to get to. 

What do you think? How do you do deal with your fear of stuttering? Leave a comment! If you have a topic you want us to discuss next time - let us know!

Our air time is 4 pm UTC (9 am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern). See you next time!

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