How to take control over stuttering

Every time someone mentions its improvement efforts with stuttering there's instantly a discussion about the stuttering cure. People would shoot back saying there's no cure, there are only ways to control stuttering to some extent. 

Meaning, there's nothing much we can do about stuttering. 

So, let's talk about taking control over your stuttering. Is it possible? And how do we do it? 

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How to take control over stuttering 

To control or not to control? That is the question. 

Many experts, gurus and just people who stutter say that we don't need any control. Stuttering itself is a form of control. Instead of controlling it we want to let our speaking go. Set it free. 

Well... But the question is how? 

Stuttering is a very firm and stable automated pattern. Automated physical and emotional memory. Thinking about "letting it go" is great but it's by far not enough.

We want something to feel we're in control. We want to upload to our muscle and emotional memory a feeling of confidence associated with the act of speaking. 


When I was 10 I fell off a tree and spend 3 months in hospital with a brain injury. That year we moved to another country so I started attending a new school which I didn't like. For the first time, I experienced bullying there and it was quite emotionally traumatic. I also should mention that I have an uncle with severe stuttering so the genetics are also present. 

So, I'm not going into causes of stuttering. But what I vividly felt was the helplessness. 

I felt helplessness in the face of those speech impediments. I began to replace words, to avoid speaking, trying to hide my stutter, having a huge anxiety growing inside.  

The feeling of control over our speaking separates "regular" people from people who stutter. It's this line of code in our automated speaking pattern saying "I will stutter at some point" which brings the whole stuttering iceberg - stuttering anxiety, stuttering fear, the anticipation of stuttering, and eventually avoidance behaviors.

What we can do

I would agree that there's no cure. But there's a lot we can do about stuttering.

This lack of control spreads over 100% of our speaking. Our speaking pattern is insecure. And it stays the same speaking pattern in both comfortable settings where we might be fluent or more fluent and in anxiety settings where we freeze, block and have speech impediments. 

So, to bring change to our speaking pattern we want to target the whole 100% of our speaking. Not just "the stuttering part." 

I'm preaching about having the training speech where you feel you're in control. And using the hand stuttering technique as one of the fundamentals of that training speech.  

We do want to sound and feel natural with the training speech. But we do need to feel the confidence that we're in control over our speaking. 

What do you think? Please leave a comment - I'd love to know! 

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