Passive airflow technique and stuttering as a mindbody disorder: Interview with Peter Louw

Free From Stutter Success Stories is a series of interviews with people who don't crawl under the table because of stuttering. Who either improved their fluency or try to make a difference despite stuttering. I'm sure there's something we all can learn from them. 

Our guest today is Peter Louw, the author of the book "Coping with Stuttering." I got interested in his videos on YouTube about the passive airflow technique. He also created a Facebook group about stuttering as a mindbody disorder. 

The VIDEO - Passive airflow technique and stuttering as a mind-body disorder: Interview with Peter Louw 

Passive airflow technique and stuttering as a mindbody disorder: Interview with Peter Louw 

Show Highlights 

In this episode, Peter and I discuss:

  • Why being active in the stuttering self-help field is important
  • How stuttering affected Peter's career choice 
  • How passive airflow technique works 
  • Whether I can be 100% sure that I won't stutter applying this technique in a slow mode
  • Relapses after improvement
  • Stuttering as a mind-body disorder 
  • Acting and expressing as a part of the mind-body approach 
  • Ignoring stuttering 
  • Setbacks on the way of improving your speaking  

Quotes and Takeaways 

"Yes, absolutely it has a relaxing effect. In fact, there is a requirement Dr. Schwartz taught us that as you flow that air out of your mouth you actually suppose to relax in body and mind." - Peter Louw

"And the opposite of repressing is expressing, so in my daily life, I try to be more expressive. I try to use my hands more." - Peter Louw

"They begin well and they work hard and they do get better and then suddenly they get huge relapses. The psychological adjustment to fluency is being terribly underestimated." - Peter Louw

"By trying to help others you also help yourself because the more involved you get with stuttering self-help the better it’s for your own speech." - Peter Louw


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Stuttering as a mindbody disorder Facebook Group  

Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by Dr. John Sarno

What have you learned from this interview? Share your thoughts in the comments.  

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