Speaking Club

We can't get free from stuttering without actually speaking :) Yet, speaking is something we dread. So, what do we do? 

1) Improve

Imagine we want to play basketball. We would start with fundamentals - run, pass, shoot, dribble, etc. Same with speaking, we want to work on our speaking pattern.

I suggest doing some speaking exercises, gaining some confidence, finding something that you like.  

2) Show up

We master the fundamentals - run, pass, shoot, dribble, etc. But at some point, we want to play, we want to show up for the game. 

This way we start dismantling the very core of the stuttering iceberg - stuttering fear, desire to hide it, and avoidance behaviors.  


Each second Saturday every month we get together on a video call and talk.

4 pm UTC (8 am Pacific Time)

It's a private meeting, we neither stream nor record it. 


Each fourth Saturday every month we get together and go live giving short speeches in Free From Stutter Facebook group emulating public speaking environment.

4 pm UTC (8 am Pacific Time)

You can choose either of these options or go for both. 

"What if I stutter?" Well, it's the group for people who stutter so we all can relate. 

You can start with the private video calls or just recording your speakings on your own. If you want to improve first join my free Improve Program.

Again, there's no freedom from stuttering without getting out of your shell and showing up.

See you there!

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