Stuttering and Phone Calls

Let's talk about stuttering and making phone calls.

How do you feel about making phone calls? Is it easier or harder for you than going for a face-to-face conversation? Do you stutter on the phone more?

We went live with the guys from Free From Stutter Challenge to share some advice about making phone calls, and we made some real-life phone calls live as well!

The VIDEO: Stuttering and Phone Calls

Stuttering and Phone Calls 

So, the advice from the guys and me:

1) Practice

It's a good idea to practice phone calls to make it your comfort zone. Of course, it's better if you have something to support you, if it's not just a bare "I'll do it." If you know how to do it and you just transfer that knowledge to real-life situation. We use the hand stuttering technique to give us that support.

2) Use body language

Be free to express yourself because usually no one is watching you at that time.

3) Rehearse

It's great to rehearse in advance what you want to say. Again, it works best when you have some technique that gives you confidence and you just want to transfer that confidence to the real-life setting.

4) Pauses

Making pauses is a good advice for any type of speaking. Phone calls perhaps give more freedom to do that. I'm not very good at pauses myself. Mediation for 5-10 minutes can be a good advice. I'm not there yet, so just the proper use of the hand stuttering technique should get us there as well :)

5) Recording

I was very surprised when I saw the recording of my speaking on the phone for the first time. Our state usually changes greatly when we start speaking on the phone. Any change starts with realizing and understanding in the first place. So, that's a great learning material for us.

Thank you so much for staying in touch! Please, leave a comment - would love to know what you think!

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