Stuttering Technique and Real Life

On Sundays, we'll go live with the guys from the Improve Program to talk with you about our struggles and challenges on the way to freedom from stuttering. The guys will also practice their new speaking skill using their hand stuttering technique for confident and relaxing speaking.

In this stream, we'll talk about how to bring our stuttering technique into real life.

The VIDEO: Stuttering Technique and Real Life

Stuttering Technique and Real Life 

The reasons why it's so hard to use the hand stuttering technique in real life:

1) It's a bit different than the "regular" speaking.

First, as we start out in the classroom it's much slower than regular pace. Then as we get more swift with our fingers we still are more deliberate with stresses. We're natural, but not as rushed as we assume we should be. 

2) We don't want other people to know that we use any technique.

We want to pretend to be "normal." 

3) We are afraid to fail twice.

When we stutter we just stutter. We struggle once. When we try to improve and apply the technique we are afraid to fail twice - when we try and fail and then again stutter. 

What we can do:

1) Move gradually through the sequence. 

Having a clear picture, clear plan where and how you're moving step by step. Giving yourself time to get there. 

2) Feel the support of the group.

Being inspired both by peers' bad and good experiences. Creating a group movement you're getting involved into, feeling that you're a part of that movement.  

What do you think? Leave a comment! If you have a topic you want us to discuss next time - let us know!

Our air time is 4 pm UTC (9 am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern). See you next time!

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