4-week course to address the "hard" sounds and stuttering on the fundamental level.


What people are saying about working with me

"I have been working with Andrey now for 3 months. As a veteran of a lot of other stuttering programs without much improvements, I now have gained much greater communicative freedom and improved fluency using Andrey's methods. Speaking has gotten a lot easier and a lot more fun. His methods are fairly easy to learn, and they feel natural to use, however it requires a commitment and work."


"The program proved to be among the best I've done. We have great daily exercises, video training calls several times a week with our very inspiring and skilled leader, Andrey."


"After months of participation in the program, I clearly see the way to freedom from stuttering. I'm more confident with my speech in my everyday life and I see that slowly a new, better automatic pattern is taking place of the old one."


"I can ascribe a lot of my improvement to Andrey and his thorough program. I have been working with Andrey for almost a year so far, both in person and as a part of a group, and his approach, support and guidance have really helped me transcend my speaking skills to the next level. "


"Your program helped me to understand that I could change the way that I speak. It is possible to change the way that I speak. I no longer feel defeated after stuttering."



A 4-week course to create a speaking practice routine using the hand technique. We want to feel the fundamentals in our speaking and not give the ground for the "hard" sounds to appear in the first place.

Learning the fundamentals of our training speech (relaxation, power, connecting sounds into one solid airflow, breathing, expression). 

Learning how to use the hand technique feeling all the fundamentals that we want to have in our training speech. 

Learning how to deal with the "hard" sounds using the hand technique feeling all the fundamentals that we want to have in our training speech. 

Going from speaking practice to performance and interaction using the hand technique and the fundamentals of the training speech. 


I have students who tried quite a few therapies before. Now finally they see real change in their speaking and in the way they feel about it.


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