Free From Stutter Method

a unique and powerful way

to address both physical and emotional parts of stuttering

1. Hand Technique


We often say: "It's hard to remember about the techniques..."

Hand technique automates relaxation, assertiveness and expression.

No need to "remember" anything. No need to focus on the technique. 

You can finally bring your attention where it should be - to listening, interacting and connecting with another person.

Veronica (USA)

"I understood that it's fine to take your time. That has worked really well for me. Take some time to feel confident with your hand." 

Here's Veronica making a phone call.

Nikolaos (Finland)

"The program helped me crack the curse of stuttering, which I thought was impossible. With the exercises, you realise that you can actually speak, and your subconscious notes that anything is possible. But most important of all are the mental exercises and realizations that you must make in order to grow as a person and overcome the fear of stuttering."

Here's Nikolaos making a real-life phone call with disclosure.

Ashish (USA)

"I've learned so much from Andrey that it's hard to put it into a couple of sentences. Personally, I feel that my emotions are my biggest obstacles. This improvement is also like a gym we go to. It's working on our emotional memory, emotional muscle memory." 

Here's Ashish sharing a couple words about the program.

The technique is important, but it's still just 10%. The other 90% is your identity. 

2. Identity


We often say: "I stutter only when..." or "I stutter more when..."

But what do we really mean by that?

What is your relationship with fluency, stuttering, and your improvement efforts? 

As long as you’re afraid of stuttering, as long as you’re escaping it, it’s going to keep its power.

You want to master active positive disclosure.

Hamid (USA)

Hamid moved from Iran to the US after taking the program. "The first video call in the Free From Stutter Facebook group was the turning point of my life. I built my self-confidence."

Here's Hamid talking in the speaking club about goal setting.

Lior (Israel)

I can ascribe a lot of my improvement to Andrey and his thorough program.
Andrey's approach, support and guidance have really helped me transcend my speaking skills to the next level.

Here's Lior speaking about self-esteem (at 5:57)

Göran (Sweden)

I first started using Andrey's methodology during phone calls and when shopping. It worked very well. After that, I began to use it at business meetings and at my presentations and now I really enjoy speaking supported by hand technique. My self-esteem has increased significantly.

Here's Göran playing with the hand technique.

You may be 99% fluent, but still feel restricted and limited in your potential.

3. Long Term


We often say: "I improved my fluency..."

But have you truly unlocked your potential?

Back in the day, after I finished the intensive part of my speech therapy

 I felt left alone.

I didn't have a long-term game plan.

Your Activity

Instead of focusing on stuttering, trying not to stutter, and constantly feeling the “danger” of stuttering… 


The method helps you steer your focus to where it should go: to truly listening, truly thinking about what you want to say, and truly connecting with another person.

To feel truly present and become more active.

Maybe like Nikolaos, you're looking for your first-ever job and want to boost your confidence for that.

Or maybe like Partha, you want to advance in your career.

Or like Ole, you want to gain greater communication freedom after trying different therapies and programs in the past.

Or like Ashish, you want to create more emotional freedom and pursue your passion.

Or like Niko, you want to unlock endless opportunities and have more fun in everyday communication.

Unlock Your Potential

See your destination clearly, go there step by step, and have fun along the way.


Gurdas (India)

“Your program is the first thing that makes my speaking better and makes me realize that I can do it.”