Free From Stutter Program

What is it?

It's a 6-month program to build your new speaking pattern.

Who is it for?

You want to be serious about getting free from stuttering. Which means patience and consistency. If you feel like that, you're most welcome to the team. Really. It's for YOU.


We grow 100% confidence that you can say what you want to say using the hand stuttering technique.

The Method

The method is much bigger than just a technique

  • Fundamental. We get to the fundamentals of your speaking (breathing, voice, power, movement, relaxation, expression) and put them on a solid foundation using the hand stuttering technique. 
  • Complete. We view stuttering as an automated speaking pattern and a state. While building a new speaking pattern we target the entire stuttering iceberg. 
  • Natural. We restore the inner structure of our natural speaking. 


The Results

Free From Stutter Program participants go live in Free From Stutter Facebook group each week to emulate public speaking environment. We do introductions, speeches, discussions, real life phone calls, etc.

You can find some of these activities by clicking the links below. Join Free From Stutter Facebook group for more. 

You can also join Free From Stutter Speaking Club where you can participate yourself. You can speak or just sit in the first row watching :)  


Yes, we want to remove speech impediments


Yes, we want to increase confidence

The Process

6-month program


First, we learn how to say anything in a relaxing and powerful way using the hand technique. 

  • daily assignments
  • 3-4 video calls per week
  • emulating public speaking environment weekly

8 weeks


Second, we create positive speaking experiences to build a new speaking pattern step by step.  

  • weekly assignments
  • 1 video call per week
  • emulating public speaking environment weekly

4 months

Other Questions

How do I know that Free From Stutter Program is right for me? Get inside my free Improve Program first, and see whether resonates with you.  

What do I need for the video calls? Should I do video calls from home? That's ideal, but you can do it from any place where you feel comfortable enough to practice. The most important thing - you'll need a decent internet connection. 

Language We speak English on the video calls. Please don't worry if your native language is not English and you think your English is not perfect :)

If you have any other questions, please email me at [email protected] or message on Facebook.


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