Truly enjoy speaking interaction.


The Free From Stutter Program is a process where you learn to: 

  • speak on your terms in any situation  
  • feel open, active and positive about speaking interaction

What My Students Say


"As a veteran of a lot of other stuttering programs without much improvements, I now have gained much greater communicative freedom and improved fluency using Andrey's methods. Speaking has gotten a lot easier and a lot more fun.
His methods are fairly easy to learn, and they feel natural to use, however it requires a commitment and work."


“I want to thank you for all that you're doing because I wouldn't be able to have all these conversations. Now I'm having a lot of them and meeting a lot of new people. That wouldn't be possible before.”


"I've learned so much from Andrey that it's hard to put it into a couple of sentences. Personally, I feel that my emotions are my biggest obstacles. This improvement is also like a gym we go to. It's working on our emotional memory, emotional muscle memory." 

The process includes:

  • learning the training speech to bring security to the speaking structure
  • proactively creating speaking experiences, including public speaking and real-life interactions
  • tapping into new identity of a person who is working on its speech and who is proud of it.

Why It Works

Stuttering has two big parts - the physical and the emotional. We want to target both. 

We don't chase fluency. We don't run away from stuttering. We develop a great feeling about speaking interaction and ourselves. We fall in love with that moment of being in the spotlight. Then fluency becomes a natural by-product. It becomes a no-brainer.

Secret #1

Joy vs Fluency

Stuttering is an automated emotional state: anxiety and anticipation (before the interaction), tension (during the interaction), and bad feelings (after the interaction). I can say it fluently but have the same anxiety and tension. Guess what? Stuttering as an automated emotional state stays intact in this case. And it will show up again!

How can we unlock this loop?

Fluency is not enough here. We want to enjoy it. To feel open, active, and positive about speaking interaction. It's not about detaching ourselves from the bad (desensitizing). It's about attaching ourselves to the good (exploring and feeling truly present).

Secret #2

Acceptance vs Fluency

You want to look stuttering fear straight in the year. You want to feel that both stuttering and the training speech are not something to be ashamed of. Your improvement effort is something to be proud of.

But there's something else!

The fluent part of your speaking is broken. This "fluency" resolves in stuttering. This "fluency" literally creates stuttering. So, using the training speech and giving yourself permission to speak on your terms becomes the most transformative form of acceptance. It's not just a concept, it's acceptance in action.

Secret #3

Hand & Natural Structure

The hand stuttering technique is not quite a technique. It's not about tapping, gestures, or distracting attention. It creates an alternative source of feedback that sends a signal to the brain. It's a very elegant, yet powerful way to align our brain with the speech mechanism. 

It creates new neural pathways in the brain.

The hand technique does not address stuttering. It upgrades your speaking. It's not the way to control, manage, or escape stuttering. It's the way to elevate the fluent part of our speaking so that speaking becomes relaxing, powerful, and expressive. It's a very natural way to restore the structure of your natural speaking.


"The first video call in the Free From Stutter Facebook group was the turning point of my life. I built my self-confidence."

The Program

  • > 100 lessons covering your whole journey step by step
  • private Facebook group to post your routines, assignments, and recordings
  • video call sessions where you learn and practice, and I guide you all the way from A to Z

Zoom Video Call Sessions

  • private, 1-on-1
  • once in a while we go live in the big Facebook group
  • you learn & develop the training speech
  • you do real-life practice (phone calls)
  • you get the recording 

Do you need video call sessions?


Most people who stutter (and I was one of them) believe that they don't need 1-on-1 sessions because they can do it themselves. 

You can run a simple test on yourself. Write down a list of 7 things you want to do:

1) go live in the Free From Stutter Facebook and make a short introduction

2) go live in the Free From Stutter Facebook and make a short speech on any topic that you want to share; 

3) make a real-life phone call you don't have to make and record youself;

4) make a phone call with disclosure and record youself;

5) ask strangers directions and record yourself;

6) ask strangers a couple questions about stuttering and record yourself;

7) participate in the Free From Stutter Speaking club.

Give youself 30 days to do those seven items. Then see the results. 

If that feels scary, intimidating or overwhelming, if you don't quite feel you can explore and enjoy each of those interactions then you do need guidance to do it step by step so that it feels fun and brings joy.

Lessons & Assignments

  • warming up and training speech fundamental routines
  • speaking practice and real-life practice assignments
  • internal work and core files: strategy file, habit-building file, diary, fear map and debriefs 
  • learn from anywhere (desktop & mobile app)
  • lifetime access

Why so many assignments?


Most people who stutter (and I was one of them) imagine the process of getting free from stuttering as learning some magic technique (the training speech in our case) and then just using it. 

What for? To escape (manage, control) stuttering better?

It doesn't work this way.

This escaping pattern is a reflection of the same emotional state of fear, anticipation, and holding back. No matter how much you seemingly improve your fluency stuttering is going to come back. 

You can't learn to play the piano in two days or even two weeks. It's not about knowing how to keep your hands or how to hit the keys. It's about developing certain muscle memory and starting to feel the music.

You can't change how you feel about speaking interaction in a matter of days or weeks. It's not about knowing the magic technique (the training speech in our case). It's about developing a certain trust with your body, your brain, and speech mechanism. 

The only way to develop that trust is by creating speaking experiences.

It's creating speaking experiences not to "get through it" fluently. But to explore and feel it's never an exam, it's always an exercise. This way you develop a new automated emotional state. State of freedom.

It takes some time and effort. But I've made it fun and step-by-step for you. 

No guesswork or overwhelm. Just enjoy every step of the way.


  • SMALL GROUP. You go live with your routines and assignments. The small group is your classroom on demand. This emotional state of performance in the small group has a unique ability to close the gap between the comfort of the classroom and the stress of real life. 

  • BIG GROUP. First, we go live together. Later on, you go live yourself. We want to emulate a public speaking environment and feel great being in the spotlight. 

  • DISCLOSURE. You want to feel open, active, and positive about speaking interaction. For that, you want to feel great about yourself and the training speech (acceptance). For that, you need to master active positive disclosure. That's why we role-play it in different ways and then we actually do it in different settings. 

  • REAL-LIFE RECORDINGS. Real-life recordings is bringing your classroom to real life. Your ability to explore, play, and feel is one tap away. Real-life recordings are invaluable in terms of analyzing the speaking structure and your feelings. And ultimately you want to feel great in real life, right?

  • SPEAKING CLUB. Real group environment with people who you don't know. The items listed above (performance, public speaking environment, openness and acceptance, and the reality of it happening live) - they all come together.


I can ascribe a lot of my improvement to Andrey and his thorough program.
Andrey's approach, support and guidance have really helped me transcend my speaking skills to the next level.


I'm more confident with my speech in my everyday life and I see that slowly a new, better automatic pattern is taking place of the old one.


Your program helped me to understand that I could change the way that I speak. It is possible to change the way that I speak. I no longer feel defeated after stuttering.

Frequently Asked Questions


“Your program is the first thing that makes my speaking better and makes me realize that I can do it.”

4 Steps To Freedom From Stuttering

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