Build a new speaking pattern. Be present and truly enjoy speaking interaction.


I encourage you do to all three. But even if you do one of these - that's a big win.

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Make sure you have a clear vision of what we can do with stuttering and how we can do that. 


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Openness Challenges, Speaking Club, beautiful people sharing their strategies and experiences. You can learn a ton!


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Twice a month we get together on a video call to speak. No matter if you work on your speech or not.



See the program unfolding right in front of you. 


The hand stuttering technique provides a firm foundation for our new speaking pattern. Making sure that our training speech doesn't collapse in real life.

"The first video call in Free From Stutter Facebook group was the turning point of my life. I built my self-confidence. "



"I have been working with Andrey now for 3 months. As a veteran of a lot of other stuttering programs without much improvements, I now have gained much greater communicative freedom and improved fluency using Andrey's methods. Speaking has gotten a lot easier and a lot more fun. His methods are fairly easy to learn, and they feel natural to use, however it requires a commitment and work."


"The program proved to be among the best I've done. We have great daily exercises, video training calls several times a week with our very inspiring and skilled leader, Andrey."


"After months of participation in the program, I clearly see the way to freedom from stuttering. I'm more confident with my speech in my everyday life and I see that slowly a new, better automatic pattern is taking place of the old one."


"I can ascribe a lot of my improvement to Andrey and his thorough program. I have been working with Andrey for almost a year so far, both in person and as a part of a group, and his approach, support and guidance have really helped me transcend my speaking skills to the next level. "


"Your program helped me to understand that I could change the way that I speak. It is possible to change the way that I speak. I no longer feel defeated after stuttering."


Frequently Asked Questions

Goals of the program:

  • learning the training speech that is natural but at the same time more relaxing, powerful and expressive 
  • using the training speech in real life situations to build confidence and a new state associated with the act of speaking
  • getting active, open and positive about yourself and about speaking interaction

Structure of the program:

  • video lessons in the members area
  • video calls (sessions) where we learn and practice
  • assignments that you do in our private and exclusive Free From Stutter Program Facebook group
  • emulating public speaking environment (Saturday Live) in a closed but much bigger Free From Stutter Facebook group


  • age over 14
  • a decent internet connection for the video calls

We set the timings of the video calls whenever you and I can in the range between 3 am UTC (8 pm Pacific) and 7 pm UTC (12 noon Pacific). 

I'm flexible so we always find a way. 

We use for the video calls. 

The investment for the program is $1497. Two-month and six-month payment plans are available as well. 

We start with 3 video calls per week gradually shifting to 2 video call per week.

Together with doing the assignments it all accounts to 3-5 hours per week. Gradually shifting to 2-3 hours per week.

If you have a project going on, a vacation or other circumstances where you don't have time to commit - we have "rest and reset" periods all throughout the program that we can move and adjust, so you should be fine. 

The general principle is that I don't disclose any information about you, your stuttering or your assignments or any other efforts to improve. 

There are two exceptions: your testimonials and your live streams in Free From Stutter Facebook group. 


It's very straightforward. If you say something good about me and let me share it - I do. If you don't say it or if you don't let me share it - I don't share it. :) 

Live streams

We have two Facebook groups - a small Free From Stutter Program group where participants of the program post their assignments and a bigger Free From Stutter group where we emulate public speaking environment. The bigger group is a place for sharing and discussion. 

Both groups are private so only the members of the group can see the content in the group. 

The small group is our classroom and I don't share any videos from there. Regarding the bigger group, I do share links to the live streams from there, because it's "public" speaking, but again only the members of the group can see them. I invite people to the group this way to join the discussion. 

For us, it's our goal to become open, active and positive about ourselves and our speaking. That is the major part of getting free from stuttering. 

For other participants of the group, it's a source of inspiration, encouragement and education. 

My general idea is that by just doing the video calls and staying in the classroom we gain confidence in the classroom. We do want to bring our confident speaking to real life. To actual speaking. That's why we emulate public speaking and bring more anxiety in there.

But again, if you don't like something in your live stream - you just let me know and I delete it. 

Reach me at [email protected]

I'd love to answer any of your questions. 


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