The whole path to freedom at a cost of two sessions.



“I want to thank you for all that you're doing because I wouldn't be able to have all these conversations. Now I'm having a lot of them and meeting a lot of new people. That wouldn't be possible before.”

See the program unfolding for Niko right in front of you in the Free From Stutter Facebook group:

First short introduction

Second short introduction

An unexpected question

Disclosure at a workshop

Leading the conversation

A real-life phone call with disclosure! Wow!

Asking directions role-play

A short speech standing

And Niko is just getting started...

Freedom From Stuttering

Freedom from stuttering is an emotional state when you are not affected by stuttering. When you can speak on your terms and enjoy it. Instrumental for building this new state is creating positive speaking experiences using the hand stuttering technique.


From being afraid to ask where's the bus stop to making his first solo flight as a pilot speaking on his terms and enjoying it. 

Hand Stuttering Technique

The hand serves as a natural tool given to us by nature, as a foundation for all the new fundamentals that we want to bring to our speaking: relaxation, effortless power, continuous airflow, expression. No magic. Anyone can learn that.

Free From Stutter Masterclass

In the masterclass, I’m going into details about how the hand technique gives us the alignment for creating positive speaking experiences. I’m explaining why it works, I’m showing how it works and how you can develop it step by step.



As a veteran of a lot of other stuttering programs without much improvements, I now have gained much greater communicative freedom and improved fluency using Andrey's methods. Speaking has gotten a lot easier and a lot more fun.
His methods are fairly easy to learn, and they feel natural to use, however it requires a commitment and work.


I'm more confident with my speech in my everyday life and I see that slowly a new, better automatic pattern is taking place of the old one.

The whole 12-month experience

Free From Stutter Program is a sure way to your freedom. You get the same lessons, the same routines and assignments, the same weekly and monthly plans.

Video Calls

The only difference between the Freedom Course with the Free From Stutter Program is that you don't get the video calls with me. 

To make sure you don’t lose anything, I’ll be giving you the best and most important parts of the video calls.

So that you can go along with me the same way as my students, you get all the benefits of the video calls without the overwhelm and you don’t have to pay for it!

Classroom & Community

 Getting free from stuttering is not about knowing it. It's about doing it. I want to make sure that you do the work. That you actually go this journey step by step and have fun along the way. 

So, as an additional bonus, you get access to a special private Facebook group which is your classroom on demand. You see how other students do the assignments, you get encouraged, motivated, and inspired.


Every other week I pick an assignment or routine from the group and give feedback. 

So, we work as a team:

1) I’m making sure that you do it.

2) I’m giving you feedback to make sure you’re doing it the right way.


"I've learned so much from Andrey that it's hard to put it into a couple of sentences. Personally, I feel that my emotions are my biggest obstacles. This improvement is also like a gym we go to. It's working on our emotional memory, emotional muscle memory." 


"I understood that it's fine to take your time. That has worked really well for me. Take some time to feel confident with your hand." 


"I would just like to offer my thanks and my recommendation to all who stutter to give this program a chance because I have found it very helpful. I'm making great progress."


You test the course for 30 days and if you don't like it - you get your money back. No questions asked.



"The first video call in the Free From Stutter Facebook group was the turning point of my life. I built my self-confidence."

Frequently Asked Questions



I can ascribe a lot of my improvement to Andrey and his thorough program.
Andrey's approach, support and guidance have really helped me transcend my speaking skills to the next level.


The program proved to be among the best I've done. We have great daily exercises and video training calls with our very inspiring and skilled leader, Andrey.


Your program helped me to understand that I could change the way that I speak. It is possible to change the way that I speak. I no longer feel defeated after stuttering.


See clearly the path to your freedom, go there step by step and have fun along the way.



“Your program is the first thing that makes my speaking better and makes me realize that I can do it.”