An online event on stuttering 15-20 July 2019


These are not just ten beautiful people and ten interviews. We want to learn one practical thing from each of them and apply it right away.

"You are already a fluent speaker."

Broca Brothers

"Overthinking is the preamble to procrastination."

Ayo Adesanya

"Relationship between discomfort and overcoming your stutter."

Chase Gillis

"Stuttering is not a speech problem."

Vee Vee

"Stuttering is a psycho-physiological ("mindbody") disorder."

Peter Louw

"To blend the physical elements of the natural speech production system with the non-physical elements of communication so that communication is automatic and easy."

Linda Hurkot

"You may not be the best, but you can be your best."

Rick Scuotto

"Positive Mindset."

Pedro Pena

"Be Proud to Advertise that you are WOMS."

Simon Bailey

"We are so worried about not stuttering."

LeRon Barton

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