Episode #1. Free From Stutter Team

Whether you are a parent, speech-language pathologist, or a person who stutters you might feel isolated in your efforts. Why is it happening? What is it like to play as a team?

This podcast is for parents of children who stutter. It’s for speech-language pathologists and other professionals who help people who stutter. And it’s also for people who stutter because the best thing a person who stutters can do for herself or himself is to see this process of getting free from stuttering not as taking medications or taking treatment but as a process where you, a person who stutters, is taking the key part.

In this episode you’ll hear and learn:

  • What “Free From Stutter Team” is and who is on that team
  • How you can feel like you’re part of the team
  • Why all the team members should have the same goals and vision
  • What is the end goal of this journey
  • What parents can do to actually help
  • What speech-language pathologists can do to help
  • The way that we blame each other
  • How we can work together as a team
  • A reminder to not be ashamed of stuttering
  • How can you empower your children and clients

As an action item, I suggest joining the Free From Stutter Facebook group to start feeling you're part of the team!