Stuttering treatment mindset & what is the pill?

The stuttering treatment mindset is the key factor that is standing in the way of PWS who want to improve their speaking confidence.

If you're a parent to a person who stutters or a speech therapist, it's also the biggest thing for you because it determines how you structure the relationship with stuttering.

So, the questions I want you to ask yourself are:


1) Who does the work?


It might seem that we go the doctor and we can expect a pill, a medication - a prescribed set of tools, speaking exercises and stuttering techniques. 

So, we say, "It didn't work" or "It doesn't work" or "Maybe this will work." 

In reality, stuttering treatment is more like going to the gym. You might get guidance and help and advice, but you do the work. No one can do the reps for you. It's your speaking and it's how YOU feel at that moment.  


2) What is the pill? What is that work, in our case?


"Ok," we think, "I need to do the work!" We go home and practice this set of tools for hours with ourselves. Expecting that it will change the way we speak in real life settings. 

And it's not quite happening this way. 

By practicing at home we work with our speech mechanism. And we don't work with speaking interaction as such. At all. 

So, the real pill is not your tool, but your ability to apply it in real life settings. And it's all about closing the gap between your home practice and real life settings. 

You want to focus on what's in between.


Performance. And recording. Performance turns your practice into interaction. Recording turns your everyday interactions into practice. 

As you try to use the training speech openly in real life you realize that 90% of stuttering is all about how you feel about stuttering, speaking interaction and yourself. 

You need to give yourself permission to use the training speech openly. And it's all about acceptance. Embracing yourself the way you are. Being different. Embracing your desire to change and speak on your terms.

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