Is stuttering curable?

Are you happy with your clients’ results? Are you satisfied with your work?

Hi, my name is Andrey Denisenko, and I’m a person who stutters.

I also help people who stutter get to their freedom from stuttering. 

Is it possible? Absolutely!

If stuttering seems mysterious, 

especially when your client is fluent with you in the therapy room but reports the same stuttering level in real-life situations… 

or when you see the progress in your client’s fluency and then there’s a relapse…


I want to share with you the one core thing you want to work on with your clients. 

So that the progress really adds up to building a new emotional state of freedom where your clients start to truly enjoy speaking interaction. 


Imagine you're crystal clear on how to help your clients develop the ability to speak on their terms and truly enjoy it.