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This alone can save you thousands and thousands of dollars and quite a number of years spent being so busy chasing the wrong problems while the real problems persist.

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What some of my students are saying:


“I want to thank you for all that you're doing because I wouldn't be able to have all these conversations. Now I'm having a lot of them and meeting a lot of new people. That wouldn't be possible before.”


From being afraid to ask where's the bus stop to making his first solo flight as a pilot speaking on his terms and enjoying it. 


As a veteran of a lot of other stuttering programs without much improvements, I now have gained much greater communicative freedom and improved fluency using Andrey's methods. Speaking has gotten a lot easier and a lot more fun.
His methods are fairly easy to learn, and they feel natural to use, however it requires a commitment and work.

What problem are you solving now?


We try not to stutter. 

We try to slow down, breathe, use light contacts, or other techniques. That’s all great, but does it change the structure of our speaking? Nope. We then speed up, forget to breathe, forget to use the technique, etc. We either realize that “it’s not working” or we blame ourselves for being lazy and meticulously try to do it again better.  

We try not to be anxious. 

We meditate, we breathe, we try to relax. That’s all great, but we feel great until the next block when the tension comes in, locks our body and we want to withdraw from the conversation. 

We try to be fine with it. 

But what if my body reacts in its own way not liking the block? Why should I continue and push through the block if I don’t like it? The moment you’re having a block you’re trying to be fluent whether you realize it or not. So, acceptance is not quite matching with what your brain and body are doing at that moment. 

None of those options is dealing with the real problems we want to solve. They are kind of close, but they are the shadows of the problem. We’re chasing our own shadow without much result showing for it. 


What are the real problems that you want to solve? 


Let’s find them out together! 


I'll see you inside the Workshop! 

The Cold Hard Truth is:

If you're not happy with how you feel at the moment of speaking interaction it means you're NOT SOLVING the problems that you want to solve. 

You're not solving them not because you're lazy, but because you're simply not aware of them!

If you're not clear on the problem you're solving there's no way to bring real change.


Which of these questions play on a loop the loudest in your head?

  • Why do I stutter? 
  • What’s wrong with my speech? Why can't I just be fluent like most people? 
  • Why it looks like that some people who stutter don’t stutter anymore (like Ed Sheeran, Emily Blunt, James Earl Jones, Bruce Willis, Joe Biden, etc.)? 
  • Is it because their stuttering is different from mine? 
  • Is it because there’s something wrong with me?
  • Why am I mostly fluent on some days and stutter like crazy on the other days? 
  • Why is stuttering so embarrassing? 
  • Why do I get tense when I stutter? 
  • Why do I anticipate stuttering and seem to trigger it by this anticipation? 
  • Why do I get so anxious about speaking? 
  • Why do some techniques wear off with time? 
  • Which technique is the best one for me? 
  • Do I need any techniques at all?
  • Is it possible for me to just feel great about speaking interaction? 

If you're flying from LA to New Your we all know what happens if it’s just ONE degree off. By the time it hits New York, it’s hundreds of miles off-course!

Well heck! Choosing the wrong stuttering problems to solve won’t just send you hundreds of miles off course… it’ll send you to a completely different planet!

Solving the wrong problems either 1) keeps us busy while we're not moving any further, or 2) makes us give up on any improvement efforts at all.  

And every single person who stutters who gets stuck here — and stays stuck here — is making one of the BIGGEST mistakes that are guaranteed to keep them from the real change that they want. 

And the worst part? They don’t even REALIZE they’re making a mistake that’s costing them thousands of dollars, countless years of wasted time, and an immeasurable amount of lost impact (and maybe you didn’t realize it either… until now).

This is a mistake I want to help you fix.


If you are not blown away by the discoveries you made in the workshop...

If you don’t discover a totally new perspective on stuttering...

If you’re not clear on the problems you’re solving now that you don’t want to solve anymore spending your time and energy...

If you’re not clear about the problems that you want to solve instead...

Just let me know - you’ll get your money back!


"I've learned so much from Andrey that it's hard to put it into a couple of sentences. Personally, I feel that my emotions are my biggest obstacles. This improvement is also like a gym we go to. It's working on our emotional memory, emotional muscle memory." 


I'm more confident with my speech in my everyday life and I see that slowly a new, better automatic pattern is taking place of the old one.


"I would just like to offer my thanks and my recommendation to all who stutter to give this program a chance because I have found it very helpful. I'm making great progress."


Unlock the Stuttering Problem!

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