Enjoy Speaking

Every person who stutters can truly enjoy speaking interaction. Let's make it happen!

Understanding Stuttering Better

Every time you say "I don't know why" or "I'm not sure how" there's a blind spot, there's something that you don't see.

Stuttering Anxiety

The real measure of your progress is how you feel at the moment of speaking interaction.

Stuttering Techniques & Speaking Exercises

We can use stuttering techniques from the place of fear or from the place of courage. Big difference.

Hand Stuttering Technique

The most elegant way to restore the structure of your natural speaking.

The Transformation

(aka How To Stop Stuttering)

Getting free from stuttering is a path of acceptance.

For Parents

You can truly help your child.

For Speech Therapists

You can truly help your clients.

The Podcast

Free From Stutter Team

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