Stuttering Cure - One Sure Way To Stop Stuttering

I want to talk about two things. First, why there’s no cure for stuttering and nevertheless why we still keep obsessively searching for it. Second, I want to share one sure way to stop stuttering.

One sure way, you say?

Ok, let’s get down to it.

THE VIDEO: Stuttering Cure - One Sure Way To Stop Stuttering

Stuttering Cure - One Sure Way To Stop Stuttering 

So, why there’s no cure for stuttering or stammering?

Just think about it. When you were born, you didn’t talk from day one. It took you years to learn to speak. Which means it’s a pretty complicated skill. Maybe even more complicated than swimming, playing tennis or windsurfing.

Listen to this, “cure for not swimming” or “cure for not playing tennis.” Sounds weird, right? The word “cure” is not applicable to our skills usually. We use it when we talk about a disease or illness.

Yes, but something’s telling me that playing tennis and stuttering are very different. They are just different categories.

Yes, agree. So why has stuttering become a medical category? Why are we looking for a cure then?

First of all, because speaking is essential. We use it every single day. If you don’t play tennis or you can’t swim - that’s ok. If you have a speech impediment, it affects every single day of your life.

Second, because the ability to talk is normal. It means you don’t need to learn it specifically. We nail it naturally, it happens kind of by itself. In fact, of course, we learn it, but we don’t realize it much. We take it for granted. We take it as something given, like an arm or leg, something that we just “have.”

Stuttering is a medical term, and speech therapy for stuttering is involved here. Yet, if we agree for a second that speaking is a skill that we’ve learned we have to admit that there should be more teaching and learning in that process of getting free from stuttering than prescription, intervention or medication.

You see, I think I can learn to play tennis. But I cannot stop stuttering. Do I need re-learn to speak again or what?

Yes, exactly. The problem is we cannot detach our speaking (and stuttering) from our everyday life and put for repairment, for medical intervention. We still need to speak everyday. That makes it so difficult to inject anything new to our automated speaking pattern, to change anything in it. It’s like trying to rebuild the wings of an airplane while it’s flying. Seems impossible, right?

So, why there’s no cure? Because speaking is a skill. There’s no medicine or medication for us. It’s all about teaching and learning.

Why do we keep looking for a cure? Because, it’s hard to change our automated speaking pattern on the go, while we keep speaking every day. And because it’s so hard we keep looking for other solutions. For a magic pill.

Now, what is that “sure way to stop stuttering” that I mentioned?

Drum roll, please.

Ok, one sure way to stop stuttering, to freedom from stuttering is this:

1) Start a youtube channel

2) Make it about your journey to freedom from stuttering

Not about your cat or dog, not about your life or stuttering. It should be about your path to freedom from stuttering. So put your name in the blank: “Andrew’s or Jennifer's way to freedom from stuttering.”

3) Post weekly about your progress

Tell what you have learned. Try to find some free materials, try speaking exercises, just do something that YOU think is right to do.

4) Let me know

I’ll subscribe to your channel and support you on your way.

Well, what’s the downside of doing it? You’ll learn a ton; you’ll get to know new people, new concepts, new ideas, you’ll enlarge your life space. No downside.

You can afford it. You don’t need a fancy camera, lighting or microphone. You can buy all these, it's not crazy expensive, but for the purposes of getting free from stuttering, you don’t need that at all. You can just go live every week for a couple of minutes telling what you’ve learned. If you haven’t learned anything - just say that. But keep going.

I can give you a 100% guarantee that you’ll get there. It’s just a matter of time. Don’t believe me? Try it and let’s see what happens with you and your speaking in one year.

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Thank you so much! See you soon! 

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